Creating This Site

Hello world. 

It's me, a sucker for cliches.

This has been (and continues to be) an arduous task, this getting a website put together I'm doing (even if it's not one of those cool websites with games or pizza you can order). Definitely more effort than I had envisioned, somehow. But, that's how it burns, so...

It's mostly been a frustrating task because I've had to do it twice. See, I tried to be clever a few years ago and set aside the domain I wanted before I had real intentions (beyond wishful) of using it for anything more meaningful than a placeholder. And lo, did I dig up that domain this morning and spend the better part of today trying to set it up, only to have it refuse harder than any Republican to work. Hence, I'm here. Because dammit, I'm getting the website up and running the arbitrary day off I remember to, and not a day later!

Other than that, there's not much to say. I'm not sure yet what kind of people, aside from curious and supportive friends and relatives are going to see this site and pay it any heed. That said, I'll be continuing to update it with recent art and edits to make it look less like an utter amateur designed this site (nobody need know the truth, one day...).

-Miss Blue